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Jim Webster – South Guildford

We purchased a block at Rosehill Waters, South Guildford and were happy to again build with Aveling Homes. Subsequently we met Jeremy, acting as their Sales Consultant, when we were looking through one of their Display homes in Aveley.

Jeremy’s offer to assist with variations we might like to make to our preferred plan was taken up.

Following a number of meetings, emails and phone calls to fine tune the design and pricing, we were more than ready to formally sign a contract.

He was always patient, friendly, knowledgeable, and timely.

During the building phase he even assisted in resolving a couple of matters that were not of his doing.

Once we had moved, he again took the time to follow up with us and make sure we were happy with everything. There were a couple of matters we mentioned and Jeremy was straight onto them, getting them promptly resolved.

Having now built 5 times with various builders, we can honestly say Jeremy is without doubt the “go to” Consultant if you are seriously looking to build.

In short, we trust him, and were very much at ease knowing he is / was in “our corner”.

Without exception, highly recommended!