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Demolish and Build in 5 Easy Steps

Thinking about a Demolish and Build Project in the Perth area?

Make sure you are in safe hands, get an experienced Professional on your side. From Initial Design Planning Demolition Construction to Handover we can take care of the lot.

We have a 5 Step Process that delivers results for our Clients. Demand the very best results with in your Budget.

Step 1. Initial meeting

We’ll meet with you on site so that we can understand your Demolish and Build Perth project goals. We then begin the process of formulating a plan for your future residence.

Often during this first meeting, our clients let us know what features of their current property may wish to retain.

These can include a pool, trees or perimeter walls.

Step 2. Survey and engineer’s report

Once we have a clear understanding of the Demolish and Build’s scope and an appreciation of your specific requirements, we will arrange for your property to be professionally surveyed.

This process gives us the information we need for considerations such as earthworks, retaining requirements and access to utility services.

We will also provide you with an engineer’s report that outlines your project’s feasibility.

What’s more, if you decide at this point in the process that you don’t wish to proceed, we’ll provide you with these reports.

Step 3. New home design

Well before the demolition commences, we will begin the new home design process based on your brief.

Having your new home custom designed won’t cost you a cent extra.

Alternatively, we have around one hundred new home designs that you can choose from – and you’re welcome to make all the changes you want so that your new home is exactly what want.

Step 4. Demolition quotes and approvals

We then source quotes on your behalf and provide you with the most cost-effective solution for demolishing your old home and preparing your land for your new home build.

At the same time, we prepare all paperwork and submit it to your local council for relevant approvals.

Step 5. Demolish and build

Once your existing home has been demolished and earthworks are completed, construction will commence and your dream home will begin to take shape.

The finish will be stunning and before you know it you’ll be moving into the home you’ve always wished for while still being in the location that you and your family have grown to love.

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