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3D Model Walk Through

“I think I like the house design but honestly, I can’t really imagine what it looks like!”

Relax. Help is at hand.

When you work with House Designs Perth we use the latest Computer Animated Design (CAD) software, and we can bring your new house design to life. 

We can look at all the aspects of the design to see if it works for you and your family. 

How does it fit on your block? How much backyard will I have? Is the AV Room big enough? How do I get to the Laundry?

We can “walk through” your home, checking that it works. We can ensure furniture placement within different rooms work. We can eliminate wasted space. Can you see the TV from the Island Bench in the Kitchen? Will I be able to see the kids outside from the Dining Room? Do I really want to watch my partner in the En-suite while I am trying to get a few more minutes of sleep?

You don’t have to guess these answers. We can show you!

Once more, once we have your home 3D modeled it is very quick and easy to change it around to exactly what you want and then have it quoted.




3D From Dining Room - House Designs Perth