If you are building or thinking about Building in Perth, these are the things you  should know about.

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HIA 2019 Winner

Aveling Homes wins the Prestigious 2019 Housing Industry Association Liveable Home Award.

Congratulations to our construction partner Aveling Homes!!!! Aveling Homes wins the Prestigious 2019 Housing Industry Association Liveable Home Award. Saturday night witnessed a massive turnout at the Western Australian building industry awards at Perth’s glamorous Crown Towers Resort. Sponsored by Bluescope’s Truecore Steel, the awards were a celebration of people, construction outcomes and the connection…

Build or Buy Established - House Designs Perth

Buying an established home vs building a new one: What is right decision?

When looking to buy a home, whether it’s for you to live in, or as an investment, the biggest decision you will have to make is whether to purchase an established property or buy land and build a new home from scratch. Both options are good ones – each with their own benefits. However, ultimately…

Savings - House Designs Perth

FIRST HOME BUYER TIPS: How to save for a deposit for your first home

Saving for a deposit for your new home can be hard work. You still have bills to pay and a life to live! However, by following these three simple tips, we think you could be well on your way to owning your own home in no time. 1. Find out what to save first –…


4 Habits of Successful Property Investors

Australians love investing in property, and it’s no wonder why. The property market offers a myriad of opportunities to potentially grow wealth, irrespective of one’s professional background or skillset. However, there are certain habits that successful property investors often have in common. Let’s take a look. They are proactive about self-education In order to stay…

House Designs Perth - glossary of building terms

Building Terms Glossary

Building permit Given by your local council, this is your green light to construct a new home (a compulsory government requirement). Bulkhead A section of the ceiling that falls lower than the standard height for example as a feature or as a space in your ceiling to accommodation plumbing and air conditioning. Cavity insulation Insulation…

The Truth About Site Works - House Designs Perth

The Truth About Siteworks Perth

Siteworks are the costs associated with how a Builder will attach your new home to the ground. It is more than just Earthworks; a lot more. Siteworks are also not included in the base price of any home. It is always on top of the base price of a home.   Why? Every block of…

House Designs Perth

The 9 Essential Ingredients to a Complete Home Design

It’s common for people to start with the dream house in mind and then work backwards. Which can leave your mind spinning off in too many directions. This can lead to financially and emotionally costly decisions which can certainly be avoided. A few simple questions in the following areas will set you on a path…

Unhappy Renting - House Designs Perth

Top 5 Reasons to Build Over Renting

Renting is fantastic – for your landlord. The money you spend on rent every week could instead be used to pay off YOUR house and build YOUR equity. With Interest Rates, Land and Building prices at the lowest in years, there has never been a better time than RIGHT NOW to build! 1. Privacy Imagine…

House Designs Perth

Walk the Plan at 1:1 True Scale

We take can take House Design to the next level by bringing it to Life! House Designs Perth has partnered with one of Perth’s most innovative new business. If you are having trouble visualising your new home, or really want to get a better idea as to how the room layouts will really feel –…

3d House Designs – House Designs Perth

3D Model Walk Through

“I think I like the house design but honestly, I can’t really imagine what it looks like!” Relax. Help is at hand. When you work with House Designs Perth we use the latest Computer Animated Design (CAD) software, and we can bring your new house design to life.  We can look at all the aspects…

Knock Down Demolish and Rebuild – House Designs Perth

Demolish and Build in 5 Easy Steps

Thinking about a Demolish and Build Project in the Perth area? Make sure you are in safe hands, get an experienced Professional on your side. From Initial Design Planning Demolition Construction to Handover we can take care of the lot. We have a 5 Step Process that delivers results for our Clients. Demand the very…

First home buyers grant explained - House Designs Perth

The First Home Owners’ Grant explained

First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) To assist first time home buyers to secure your first home, the West Australian Government will pay $10,000 towards the purchase price. This is not a loan. It’s yours! To qualify for the First Home Owner’s Grant, you must not have previously owned a residential property, you must be over…

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