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The Scullery is one of the most  sought after addition to Kitchens of all shapes and sizes.

An extension to one of the hardest working rooms in the modern home, the Scullery offers easily accessible extra storage, as well as extra bench space, an additional sink or two and room for those appliances you want handy, but not on show.


During the 1800s when “below stairs” staff kept large English and American manor homes running smoothly, the scullery was known as the butler’s pantry. It was traditionally where the butler kept a close eye on the silverware, the best china and the household management.

The scullery has become one of the most requested features in today’s new home designs. It doesn’t matter if the home is traditional or modern, large or small; the scullery has made a welcome return.

The big appeal is that the main kitchen can be kept spotless. Messy food prep and less-than-pretty kitchen essentials all tucked out of sight. Washing up and general culinary chaos can now be kept behind closed doors.

It also allows for a crisp, clean kitchen counter top without all the appliances in the way. There’s no need to keep your blender, toaster, juicer all on show if you don’t use them everyday.

Having less need for under-sink storage and counter top space in the main kitchen also means you have more space for features – upgrades such as larger ovens, double fridges, or wine cellars can take their place.

Our House Designs with a Scullery

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